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MobilGard™ 450

Mobilgard™ 450 NC (No Chlorine) engine oil by ExxonMobil is a non-zinc and non-chlorine lubricant formulated with high-quality basestocks which provide low consumption characteristics, high-temperature oxidation resistance, and thermal stability.  These basestocks are combined with specially selected stable additives resulting in an engine oil with well-balanced properties.

The detergent/dispersant qualities of Mobilgard 450 NC increases filter life and engine cleanliness.  Its sustained high alkalinity provides excellent corrosion protection when using fuels containing up to 1.5 percent sulfur even though metals such as steel, copper, silver and bronze are present.  Mobilgard 450 NC has outstanding lubricating properties and provides the necessary protection against corrosion.

Mobilgard 450 NC exhibits superior quality in reduced wear in piston rings and cylinder liners.  It possesses good water separating ability.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects against sludge formation in intermittent marine service providing cleaner, smoother running engines
  • Protects critical wear surfaces and extends engine life
  • Controls deposits and neutralizes acids produced in the combustion process
  • Controls carbon deposits and varnish formation which can lead to extended oil and filter life
  • Protects silver bearings
  • Can handle water contamination without additive depletion
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