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Mobil SHC™ Gear Series

Mobil SHC™ Gear Series is a line of exceptional performance, synthetic industrial gear oils designed to provide outstanding protection of gears and bearings, extended oil life even under extreme conditions, helping to enable problem-free operation of equipment and increased customer productivity. These scientifically engineered synthetic lubricants are formulated from synthetic base fluids that have exceptional oxidation and thermal properties and excellent low temperature fluidity. The high viscosity index of these oils deliver less change in viscosity with changes in temperature, enabling wider operating temperature range and improved low temperature startup. Mobil SHC Gear Series lubricants contain an advanced proprietary additive system designed to provide excellent protection against conventional wear modes such as scuffing as well as a high level of resistance against micropitting fatigue. In addition, compared to conventional gear oil chemistries, it offers the potential for improved lubrication of gearbox rolling element bearings. Mobil SHC Gear Series products offer outstanding rust and corrosion protection relative to conventional gear oils, even in the presence of seawater contamination. They show no tendency to plug fine filters even when wet and have excellent compatibility with ferrous and non-ferrous metals even at elevated temperatures. Mobil SHC Gear Series also exhibit outstanding compatibility with elastomers in static seal tests. They have outstanding EP properties that provide protection even under shock load conditions. The synthetic base stocks used in Mobil SHC Gear Series oils have inherently low traction properties that result in low fluid friction in the load zone of non-conforming surfaces such as gears and rolling element bearings. Reduced fluid friction produces lower operating temperatures and can help improve gear efficiency.

Mobil SHC Gear lubricants are recommended for enclosed industrial gear drives including steel-on-steel spur, helical, and bevel gears. They are especially recommended for applications that may be subject to micropitting: especially heavily loaded gearboxes with surface-hardened tooth metallurgies. It may also be used in gear applications where extreme low and/or high temperatures are encountered and applications where corrosion may be severe.


Features and Benefits

  • Helps extend gear and bearing life in enclosed gear drives operating under extreme conditions of load, speed and temperature
  • Helps reduce unplanned downtime; less maintenance – especially critical for difficult to access gearboxes.
  • Helps extend oil life and drain intervals and reduce oil consumption, which can lower maintenance costs
  • Helps reduce energy consumption and lower operating temperatures
  • Ability to operate at both high and low temperatures: especially critical in remote applications with no oil cooling or heating
  • Helps to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation at high temperatures or in applications subject to water contamination
  • Excellent compatibility with a variety of soft metals
  • Helps extend gear and bearing life
  • Fewer filter changes; which can help reduce maintenance costs
  • Less contamination and lower potential for oil leakage
  • Easy changeover from many mineral products
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